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Consider These Entryway Flooring Options To Make A Statement
Laminate Planks
This affordable, versatile option mimics a material of your choice, like hardwood, and is scratch and spill-resistant, although extensive moisture damage can occur.
To ensure it lasts a long time, you may want to pay for professional installation. Most home improvement stores, large and small, will stock a range of designs to choose from.
Porcelain Tiles
With so many versatile designs, porcelain is strong, waterproof, and easy to repair. Although the installation is expensive, it will increase the value of your home.
Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile
LVP and LVT’s additional layers make them more durable and comfortable underfoot than normal vinyl, but their materials and installation cost more.
These durable, waterproof floorings can mimic any natural floor material. Plus, they can be overlaid on your existing hardwood floors to preserve them and keep your resale value.
Polished Concrete
This cheap, low-maintenance option is resistant to scratches and spills. It can be dyed or stamped to create different designs, although this will cost more.
Concrete’s rigidity can be dangerous for children or elderly folks, however. It is also prone to cracking in humid conditions, so take your climate into account before installing.
This hardy option comes in a variety of natural patterns and can withstand foot traffic, dirt, and water. While a more expensive option, it will increase your resale value.