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Consider These Paint Colors Instead Of Dated Gray Paint
If you want to update the gray-painted walls in your home, there are several alternatives to explore that will feel less dated including neutrals, earth tones, and rich colors.
Tash Bradley, color specialist and interior design director at Lick, told Better Homes and Gardens, "If it’s a neutral, it’s a taupe, a beige, a pink, or a warm white."
Bradley notes that deeper greens are also gaining momentum. "Color trends are very much moving towards warmer earthier tones rather than cool grays," she said.
Lighter green tones, like sage, are being eclipsed by darker mossy greens with gold undertones, which impart a lovely warmth to walls.
If you have wall art on an accent wall, entryway, or half bath, try complementing the artwork with neutral tones like taupe, light pink, or earthy green instead of gray.
The room’s mood will also help you select your alternative color. Consider how you’ll be using the room and the ambiance that you’re trying to create.