Stock photo showing curved breakfast bar cabinets painted duck egg blue with tongue and groove cladding timber and grey composite corian countertop, An oak wood stool with copper coloured metal legs can be seen on the dark oak effect laminate flooring.
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Corian Kitchen Countertops May Top Granite. Here's Why
Corian countertops are preferred to granite because they're stylish, non-porous, stain-resistant, affordable, and can look like stone, wood, or other materials in over 100 colors.
Granite is a natural stone with a durable surface, but it's more expensive than Corian. Granite also requires sealing and polishing, which is more work than Corian needs.
With granite, you have to find the perfect slab of stone with the veining and coloration you enjoy. Every granite slab is a bit different thanks to its natural development.
However, Corian starts opaque and can have numerous colors and textures added to it, allowing manufacturers to use it for just about any kitchen style.
Granite in an L-shaped kitchen has a few seams where the two slabs of stone come together. Since the slabs differ so much, it's easier to see seams with granite than with Corian.
Corian blends into a space better than granite. If you want your kitchen's cabinetry and other design features to stand out instead of your countertops, pick a Corian product.
Corian is easier to install than granite because it's easier to cut. Granite requires careful cutting, and if it isn't cut properly, you may need to start over with another slab.
Granite has to be sealed every few years to reduce the risk of staining the stone. Corian countertops can last 10 to 30 years, and some come with a warranty for the first decade.