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Couch Vs. Settee:
What's The Difference?
There are no firm design rules for a couch, but a standard couch is usually rectangular in shape, with medium-sized arms and a back that reaches to your head when sitting. A settee is just one type of couch, with shallower seats, a taller back, long legs, and short or no arms.
Settees are a bit smaller than most couches, having been used as formal seating in upper-class, wealthy homes in the 1800s. Now, they're more for accenting your living room or providing a seating option in smaller and less comfort-oriented areas of the home.
Couch Pros And Cons
Obviously, couches come in more styles and are easier to find, and they tend to be deeper, more inviting, and more comfortable over long periods of sitting. Couch size can also be a negative though, as it can be hard to maneuver one into a small living space.
Settee Pros And Cons
One of the main benefits of a settee is its smaller size, and the armless design makes it a little more discreet and streamlined than a simple loveseat. A settee also adds a certain air of formality to a room, but they can be a bit stiff in appearance and less comfortable to sit on.
Space permitting, couches are recommended in pretty much every living room, while settees are a little bit more specific. Since they tend to be smaller than the average couch, settees are a great choice in hallways or as additional seating in bedrooms, offices, or similar rooms.