A square shaped kitchen with cream colored cabinets and granite countertops
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Countertop Materials That Pair Nicely With White Cabinets
Selecting the best countertop materials, such as farmhouse-style wood, refined granite, and affordable laminate, to match your new white cabinets can feel a bit overwhelming.
First, consider the shade of white your cabinets are. Black or gray countertops contrast well against cool white, while warm white cabinets and beige countertops add a cozy vibe.
Wood countertops are perfect for creating a rustic vibe, but they require maintenance in the form of resealing every so often and are usually not resistant to moisture.
A lower-maintenance option is granite countertops, which will give your kitchen an elegant and sophisticated appeal. The material is durable, but it can be pricey.
Finally, laminate countertops can be a great low-budget alternative with almost unlimited design options. They can be very easily cleaned but are prone to issues like warping.