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Create A Chic Floating Nightstand With This Simple Ikea Moppe Hack
Revamping your bedroom space doesn’t require a large renovation — small changes and clever DIYs can change your space, like this floating Ikea nightstand hack.
This hack comes from @kristinekava__ on TikTok, who transformed an affordable Ikea Moppe side table into a luxurious floating nightstand with just a few tools.
Along with the Moppe chest, you’ll need some metal screw brackets and matching screws, a screwdriver, glue, a saw, some clamps, and your choice of paint.
To upgrade her Moppe, @kristinekava__ cut off the bottom tier, glued together the two drawers of the top tier, and covered it with a Rodeby tray cut to size.
With the bottom tier gone, and the top tier turned into a chic, larger drawer by combining the two smaller drawers, @kristinekava__ left the second tier free as an open shelf.
To reinforce her second shelf, @kristinekava__ used the bottom piece of the cut-off tier and glued it to the second tier for a double thick, sturdy lower shelf.
Then, all that’s left is to let the glue dry, give it a coat of paint, add hardware to your drawer, and attach it to your wall using the metal screw brackets.
If you were hoping for a quicker, simpler DIY, you can leave the Moppe chest as is, give it a coat of paint, and attach it to your wall without all of the modifications.