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Create A Cute DIY Garden Path With TikTok's Customizable Hack
A TikTok by @heygeorgianne demonstrates how you can turn a plot of soil in your yard into a stone pathway with pavers, gravel or pebbles, a liner, sand, and edging material.
Begin by digging out the desired shape of your path, leveling it out, and removing any debris. Then, lay a flower bed liner to prevent weeds and help retain your smaller pebbles.
Lay out the desired configuration of paver stones on the liner before adding sand. Fill the rest of the path with pebbles or small gravel, adding edging along the path’s perimeter.
The liner and edging will keep the small rocks in place, and the sand will prevent the paver stones from shifting in the ground, even in high-traffic areas with moist soil beneath.
Add some solar lights to the edge of your path as a finishing touch. You can also customize the surface of your path using other yard decor, like a small bistro table or bench.