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If you value a sleek, stylish space for enjoying your daily caffeine fix, make your own custom, solid pine floating coffee station by modifying the IKEA IVAR cabinet.
As suggested by TikToker @createbeautifulthings, buy a new IKEA cabinet and assemble it, or remove one from the wall if it's already installed and you're looking to redesign it.
Drill a wire opening on the cabinet's top, big enough for coffee pot cords to fit. Flip the cabinet and make another hole so you can put an extention cord through.
You may stain or paint the surface if you want. Then, remove the cabinet doors and put them frontside-down on top of pieces of burlap flat on the ground, pulling the burlap taut.
Use your staple gun to secure it in place on the back. Once your cabinet is dry, reattach the doors, and attach it to your wall before setting up your own coffee station on top.