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Create A DIY Heater With This Chic Terracotta Pot Heater Hack
TikToker @ejsnyder333 provided a walkthrough for creating a simple,
DIY heater using two terracotta pots, tealight candles, a clay dish, three bricks, and a bolt and nut.
Place a smaller terracotta pot into the bigger one. Stick the bolt up through the larger pot's drainage hole, place the smaller one directly on it, then fasten the bolt with a nut.
Position the clay dish
on the floor, place a few candles on it, light them, then lay the bricks around them. Place the pots upside down on the brick path to cover the flames.
Since terracotta is fire-resistant and an excellent insulator that can trap heat and retain it for a long time, it will provide your immediate surroundings with cozy warmth.