Hummingbird splashing in water
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Create A DIY Hummingbird Water Fountain With The Help Of An Old K-Cup
Hummingbirds are cute aerial acrobats that are a joy to watch — and they eat unwanted insects and cross-pollinate your plants. Here’s how to attract them with a DIY water fountain.
You’ll need a K-cup, straws, a plastic shoe box, a soldering iron, skewers, glue, scissors, and a solar water pump ($10 on Amazon). You can make this feature in a couple of hours.
First, solder a hole in each corner of the shoebox and insert the skewers. Flip the lid upside down so the water can collect in the shoebox and make more holes for drainage.
Solder a hole in the center of the lid so the straw will fit snugly. Place the pump in the shoebox, connecting the straw to the pump, and make a hole in the K-cup for the straw.
Push the straw through a little, and if there’s a gap, you can glue it. Now, fill the shoebox with water, connect the pump to the K-cup straw, and place the solar panel in the sun.
Running glued areas under cold water will help them dry faster. You can also glue on decorations, like small pebbles, to the bottom of the K-cup, but don’t make the cup too heavy.
Place your water fountain where it’s visible and accessible — for example, near nectar-rich plants like lantanas, pentas, and bee balm, which are sure to attract these busy birds.