Woman holding a DIY hanger side table
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Create A DIY Side Table With This Clever Hanger Hack
Adding customized furniture ensures your home truly reflects your personality — and you can even do it on a budget with this adorable side table from @homehacksco on Instagram.
You probably already own some of the items required for this project. All you need are four wooden hangers, dowels, wood glue, a small round wooden tray, and some basic DIY tools.
Begin by removing the hooks from the hangers, using pliers if necessary. Check that the dowels fit into the holes left by the hooks; if not, you’ll need to drill them out.
Take one of the hangers, fill the hole with glue, and push in the dowel to about half its length. Add glue to the hole in a second hanger and join the two together using the dowel.
Join the other two hangers and leave until the glue is completely dry. Next, flip a set of hangers on its side and place the other pair on top to form four prongs, top and bottom.
Complete your unique piece of furniture by laying the tray on the grooves of the upper prongs, making sure it's centered. Secure the tray with hot glue for extra stability.