Halloween decoration featuring a skeleton hand holding a lantern
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Create A DIY Spooky Halloween Light With These Dollar Store Finds
TikTok user Alexis Cutter (@lexieloowho123) showed off her ingenious cord-free lantern decoration that is perfect for lining a stairway, hallway, or outdoor area for Halloween.
You will need a set of plastic skeleton hands, a mason jar, floral foam, twine, black fabric, and LED lights to create this DIY. You can
make one or several, for
under $10 each.
Begin by breaking down the skeleton arms to the desired length, and insert them into a floral foam block. To camouflage the foam, wrap it in black fabric or paint it black.
Then, wrap twine around the mouth of a mason jar, creating a hoop for hanging. Add a small LED votive light, as well as moss, twigs, or other materials
for decoration.
Attach the foam block to the wall using a nail, and place the black fabric to disguise where it meets the wall. The effect is a creepy bony hand extending out with the jar lantern.
You can customize this DIY decoration with the type of fabric you use, the color of your jars, and the addition of elements like fake spiders or mini skulls, for example.