An artful arrangement of aromatic candles in brown glass jars, accompanied by roses
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Create A Gorgeous Planter By Upcycling Your Old Candle Holder
To create a beautiful planter from an old candle holder, begin by removing the wax. Place the glass container in the freezer for several hours to allow the wax to contract.
Next, carefully break the wax into small pieces with a knife, clear out the pieces, and wipe away any residual wax with cooking oil. Then, wash the container with soap
and water.
Fill the bottom of the container with small rocks to keep the plant from being submerged in water. Place a thin layer of horticultural charcoal over the pebbles to aid in drainage.
Select a plant that doesn't need frequent watering, like a succulent. Add a layer of potting mix designed specifically for such plants to the holder, and nestle the plant into it.
Spread additional soil around the plant, and wait a day or two before watering it modestly. For a finishing touch, you can decorate the exterior of the jar with ribbon or twine.