Laundry basket filled with dirty clothes
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Create A Handy Rolling Hamper With TikTok's Clever DIY
Instead of carrying heavy laundry, create a cart to roll it. This TikTok hack from @mostlymarinatedmama uses a plant pot moving dolly as the rolling base for your laundry basket.
For this DIY project, purchase a wheeled dolly, then flip the hamper over and place the dolly on top, wheels-side up. Using zip ties, secure the dolly to the hamper’s frame.
This hack works best with hampers that are metal, plastic, or woven and that have open slots, which make the roller and basket easy to secure together with a zip tie.
Trim the zip ties so they aren't dragging on the floor below, then flip the hamper right-side up. With these simple steps, you’ll quickly have an inexpensive
rolling hamper.