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Create A Nifty Kitchen Storage Rack With TikTok's Dollar Store DIY
There are plenty of ways DIY projects can spruce up your kitchen and add functionality, like this hack for transforming a dollar store paper towel holder into extra storage.
To transform your wire paper towel holder into a rotating storage center, all you’ll need are two round cake pans, a hot glue gun, zip ties, wire bins, marbles, and twine.
Using the hot glue, attach the paper towel holder to the inside of the cake pan, and then start gluing twine around the bottom of the pan and up the wire holder.
Then, you can use the zip ties to secure the wire bins to your twine-covered towel holder. Finally, add the marbles to the second bake pan and place the first pan on top.
The marbles allow the paper towel rack to act as a simple lazy Susan, giving your storage rack extra functionality as you can easily turn it to view all the contents.
Best of all, this storage solution works everywhere around the house, not just on valuable kitchen counter space. Try it in a cluttered office or bathroom for extra storage.