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Create A One-Of-A-Kind Spherical Coffee Table With This
TikTok user Chris-Ann created a spherical-legged coffee table by using Blanda Matt bamboo serving bowls from IKEA as the spherical bases and attaching a round marble tabletop.
Two bowls make one sphere, and the larger the spheres, the higher off the ground the table will sit. Chris-Ann used six 11-inch IKEA bowls to create three spherical legs.
Chris-Ann suggested using Facebook Marketplace to source a table; however, there are places online where you can buy a marble tabletop, such as through the Webstaurant Store.
Buying a slab of marble to be fabricated into a tabletop is also an option, allowing you to find a unique piece of stone for the coffee table, but it may be pricey.
Start the project by gluing the bowls together using wood glue from Gorilla. Once the glue dries and cures, it will be extremely strong, ensuring your table will be stable.
Apply the glue to the top lip of a bowl, then place another bowl on top. Once you create all the spheres, put something on top to apply pressure while the glue dries for 24 hours.
After the glue dries, apply a wood filler to the seam where the bowls meet to create a spherical surface. Once that dries, sand down the seam and the sphere as a whole.
Apply wood stain or paint the spheres for some color. Once the stain or paint dries, apply glue to both sides of the disks to secure the spheres to the tabletop.
Place one disk in the foot of the bowl, attach the tabletop, and apply weight on top while the glue dries. After 24 hours, you'll have a spherical-legged coffee table.