Three terrariums with cork tops
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Create A Swoon-Worthy Plant Terrarium With This IKEA Hack
While plant terrariums have been created using a range of different containers, this unique hack repurposes the IKEA Borrby lantern as a showcase for your miniature ecosystem.
You'll need an IKEA Borrby lantern, some adhesive sealant, potting soil, gravel, decorative stones, moss, an 8-inch square of wire mesh, a spray bottle, and a selection of plants.
After assembling the IKEA Borrby lantern, use waterproof adhesive sealant to make it water-tight, taking care to seal the gaps at the bottom where moisture will accumulate.
Once the sealant is dry, place a 1- to 2-inch layer of gravel at the base of the lantern for drainage, put the square mesh on top of the gravel, then add a 1-inch layer of soil.
Finally, arrange your plants in the terrarium and pack soil around their base. Then, decorate between them with moss and polished stones, spray with water, and close the door.
Once your terrarium has been sealed, this self-sustaining ecosystem will flourish with minimal maintenance required — just place it where it can receive some warmth and sunlight.