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Create Beautiful Butterfly Garden Decor With This Dollar Tree Hack
For this Dollar Tree butterfly project, you’ll need plastic hangers, a shower curtain, a small wood block, craft paint, a paintbrush, tape, twine, fairy lights, and a glue gun.
Lay the shower curtain face down on the floor or table. Place four of the hangers on the curtain, two on each side, with the hooks facing each other — these will form the wings.
Hot glue the centers of the hangers together and clean up any excess glue. Now, trim the curtain around the shape, leaving a bit extra over the wings, which you can trim later.
Glue the curtain face down to the back of the wings. Once cooled, trim the curtain, then tape the lights to the back of the butterfly along the edges and to the center.
Lastly, paint the wood block, attach the twine to it, and glue the block to the center of the butterfly. You’re now ready to hang it in your garden and enjoy the lights at night.