Various foam pool noodles in different colors
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Create Cheery Holiday Lawn Decor With This Ornament Pool Noodle Hack
Foam pool noodles are quickly becoming many DIYers' favorite material, thanks to their low price and versatile uses. This has become especially true for making holiday decorations.
TikTok user @hometalk showed off ornament poles made by covering the foam cylinder in ornaments, garland, and holiday greenery and using an old mop or broom handle for stability.
Similar decor pieces at home retailers can cost upwards of $50, but buying pool noodles and ornaments at inexpensive places like Dollar Tree can make this DIY under $10 to create.
To make your own, cut a pool noodle to your desired length and slide it over a wooden rod. Use a hot glue gun to add ornaments, lights, greenery, and other decorations to the pole.