Room with large window and Roman blinds
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Create Custom DIY Roman Shades With TikTok's Shower Curtain Hack
TikTok user @redeux_style, Sarah Teresinski, demonstrates how easy it is to use a shower curtain instead of regular fabric to make Roman blinds.
Whether thrifted or new, you could opt for a sheerer shower curtain for the kitchen, while bedroom shades need more sun protection and privacy.
You'll also need mini blinds. You can repurpose your old ones or buy them on Amazon for about $15; make sure you have a screwdriver and strong glue, like E6000.
Cut the shower curtain to the size of your mini blinds, with 2 to 3 inches extra on the sides. Iron and glue the hems, and then glue the top of the curtain to the top of the headrail.
Remove most of the plastic slats, leaving one every 6 to 8 inches. Lay the curtain and dissected blinds flat on the floor and glue the fabric to each slat, pulling it taught.
When the mini blinds are installed, you can then pull them up and down to show off your beautifully pleated Roman shades at different heights.
Teresinski has tweaked this DIY for different blinds, styles, and skill levels. Style the blinds in many ways, like by adding trim, but bulky options with 3D elements are a no-go.