Hand holding spotted planter with a Pothos plant inside.
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Create DIY Hanging Planters With This Easy Plastic Container Hack
The next time you find yourself with an empty, disposable container, instead of tossing it in the trash can, try using it to make a DIY hanging planter.
Not only will these DIY planters add beauty to your space and keep plastic from the landfill, they can help you save money since you won’t need to buy new pots for your plants.
To create a hanging planter, start with a large, bottle-like plastic container, scissors or a knife, a chain for hanging, and an inch plant.
Since you likely don’t want the plastic of your container to be visible, make layers of holes in the side of your container where your plants will snugly fit.
Add cuttings of your plant to each hole, adding soil after each layer of plants. Repeat this until you reach the top of your container, and add plants to the top as well.
Attach your chain to your container and hang your plant. The branches of the inch plant will prevent excess soil from spilling out, while the soil will hold the cuttings in place.
Alternatively, you can cut the opening of the container at a slant and plant flowers to cover the plastic. Regardless of your method, make sure to add drainage holes.