Blank frame hanging on a wall.
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Create Easy DIY Wall Art With This Simple Wrapping Paper Hack
To give your home a pop of color for every season, fill picture frames with wrapping paper and display them on your walls to create a fun, festive art wall.
Consider picking a theme and find wrapping paper that will match, such as a pool day theme for summer, ghosts and pumpkins for fall, or Christmas trees and snowmen for winter.
Use multiple frames so your wall art has a variety of sizes. Overall, you’ll need two to three different-sized frames, tape, scissors, magic erase sponge, and wrapping paper.
Start by cleaning your frames with the magic erase sponge before you lay out your wrapping paper, remove the frame’s backing, and place it on top of the paper.
Cut around the backing, being sure to leave about half an inch of paper on each side, and place the paper in the frame with the backing. Be sure to secure it with the tiny clips.