Woman holding a glass jar and lid
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Create Extra Household Storage With This Dollar Tree Glass Jar Tip
To make this countertop storage, buy three jars with flat bottoms and sides from Dollar Tree, or use jars from home. You'll also need a tray, knobs, contact paper, and spray paint.
Lay your tray flat and decorate it with contact paper, also from Dollar Tree. Then, attach the jars to one another and to the wooden base with a strong glue like E-6000.
To make the lids even easier to open, glue knobs to the middle of each one. You can also spray paint the lids with Rust-Oleum and label each lid to indicate the jars’ contents.
With this versatile organizer, you can use it in your sewing room for small items, in your home office for stationery, or in the bathroom for cotton balls, hair ties or pins.
In the kitchen, store coffee pods, tea bags, sugar, snacks, or spices in them. In the laundry room, keep detergent pods, clothespins, and scent beads with small scoops in each.