Mugs hanging from a rod above the kitchen sink
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Create Extra Mug Storage
In Your
Kitchen With This Clever TikTok Hack
If you're struggling to find space for your coffee mugs, a clever TikTok hack offers a way to free up valuable cabinet space and turn your mugs into a
decorative display.
This DIY project is simple, budget-friendly, and requires just a few items: a Hultarp pot rail and Hultarp hooks from IKEA, a stud finder, a level, a pencil, screws, and a drill.
Start by choosing a suitable location, such as under upper cabinets, above countertops, or on the side of a kitchen island, ensuring it doesn't obstruct walkways
or workspaces.
Hold the rail in place, mark the drill holes with a pencil, and drill the rail into position using either regular screws for wall studs or wall anchors for additional support.
Once the rail is secure, add the hooks and hang your mugs. For larger collections, consider mounting multiple rails vertically or horizontally, creating more storage space.