Foam swimming pool noodles in vibrant colors.
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Create Festive Holiday Decor With This Cozy Pool Noodle Candle Hack
Using candles is a great way to create a cozy ambiance during the festive season and you can make your own using pool noodles, with the help of this simple TikTok hack.
Gather some pool noodles, a hot glue gun, battery-operated candles, a ribbon, and a festive basket. You’ll also need rubber bands, an Xacto knife, a pen, and spray paint.
Cut the pool noodles into various sizes and glue them, ensuring they’re level at the bottom. Next, cut out a space at the top of each noodle to insert the battery-operated flames.
Create the illusion of wax dripping along the sides of the noodles with your hot glue gun before spray painting and placing them in your festive basket.
Decorate your basket with glittery ribbon and berry cluster stems. Finally, display the candles in your living room or use them as a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table.