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Create Long-Lasting Floral Shelf Decor With This Genius Pool Noodle Idea
TikToker @littlepettittpad demonstrates how you can jazz up your cabinet shelves in a creative, budget-friendly way. All you need is a pool noodle and some faux flowers.
Instead of placing a vase of fresh flowers on a shelf that will only look good for a few days, an eye-level shelf decorated with faux flowers will last between five and 10 years.
Take time to map out your idea on paper or digitally before purchasing supplies. For ideas, consider investing in a specialist design platform like Bloom or Details.
Hobby Lobby and Amazon sell a variety of faux flowers, and Wayfair has an assortment of dried grass and reeds. Dollar Tree stocks assorted leafy artificial houseplant tropicals.
First, measure the length of your shelf. Choose a neutral-colored pool noodle to go with the color of your faux flowers — Walmart and Amazon sell pool noodles.
Now, cut the noodle to fit the shelf, then cut along the length of the noodle through to its center. Open the noodle and clamp it over the shelf with the round side facing you.
Unwrap your faux florals and un-scrunch the leaves, straighten the stems, and plump up the blooms. Then, push the wire stems into the noodle to create your beautiful arrangement.