Wood pallets stacked on top of one another in yard
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Create Stylish Backyard Features With Repurposed Pallets
Mount a wood pallet along an exterior wall or fence for hanging landscaping tools and supplies. Add some S-hooks or wooden pegs to hold shovels, hoses, and other tools.
You can also place wire hanging baskets from the pallet's rungs for holding seedlings or plants, or use the pallet as the base of your firewood storage to keep wood off the ground.
Wood pallets make great DIY fencing due to their durable and treated wood that resists moisture. You can also break them apart and create your own fence design.
Use the pallets to create an easy-to-construct compost bin enclosure, a garden fence for climbing plants and vines, or a small fence along the perimeter of your patio for privacy.
Build a simple backyard deck by laying sand and leveling off the ground. Then, place the pallets along the ground on cinder blocks, using bolts or screws to secure them.
Leave them as they are for a rustic look, or add additional wood planking over the base in a herringbone pattern for a polished appearance that rivals conventionally
built decks.