Person cutting row of pool noodles
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Create The Accent Wall Of Your Dreams With This DIY Pool Noodle Hack
An accent wall is a clever way to switch up the mood of a space, and on TikTok, @lebeautyandrags shares a DIY wall with velvet fabric and pool noodles that can elevate any room.
To recreate this, you'll need several boxes of pool noodles, spray adhesive, Gorilla hot glue, a caulk gun, ladder, fabric scissors, roll of velvet fabric, and a crowbar or ruler.
First, attach cardboard to the wall to create a surface for the pool noodles, then use spray adhesive to glue the noodles to the cardboard in vertical rows, filling the whole wall.
Next, attach the edge of the fabric to the top left corner of your accent wall with the caulk gun, and begin draping the fabric over the noodles, tucking it in between each noodle.
As you drape, glue the fabric between the noodles with hot glue, then use the crowbar or a ruler to tuck in the fabric. Cut off any excess fabric at the bottom to neaten the edge.