Blue and yellow plastic crates stacked together.
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Create Unique DIY Planter Shelves With This Clever Old Crates Idea
While planter shelves can be bought from most hardware stores, a recent TikTok post from @thee.d shows how to DIY one from plastic milk crates.
The creator simply takes three half crates and fixes them on thin wooden slats that serve as the shelf structure, creating a mini-shelf that can be customized to fit your space.
To ensure your planter shelves are decorative, match the crate colors to the wood structure they’re assembled on and the space you’re placing the shelves in.
While the TikTok video features black crates, you can buy crates in your preferred color or even in assorted colors. Alternatively, buy crates for cheap from restaurants or stores.
You can also spray paint the crates with paints like DANG, typically used for graffiti and murals. Lastly, add a handle at the top or sides to make your planter portable.