A handy man assembling a metal bed frame
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Creative Home & Garden Solutions With An Old Repurposed Bed Frame
Garden Bed
Transform your old bed frame into a raised garden bed by replacing the center slats with wooden boards. The headboard and footboard can serve as a trellis for plants.
Patio Bench
Convert the bed frame into a stylish bench by removing the headboard and footboard and reconnecting them with wooden slats. Then, add a fresh coat of paint to finish.
Tool Storage
Disassemble your metal bed frame to create storage shelves for the garage or shed. Reconnect the pieces with bolts and add wooden boards or reuse slats for shelving.
Hay Station
For animal owners, repurpose the bed frame into a cost-effective hay feeder. Attach slatted headboard and footboard at an angle, and add a roof using sheet metal.
Breakfast Nook
To make a cozy breakfast nook, remove the wood slats, add one wide board on each end for seating, cover the boards with cushions, and place a table in the middle.