Old metal wheelbarrow in garden
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Creative Ideas For Repurposing An Old Wheelbarrow In Your Garden
To turn an old metal wheelbarrow into an outdoor grill, remove any parts that could melt, place a grill gate over the top, fill it with wood or charcoal, and light it up.
Drill drainage holes in the bottom of your wheelbarrow, fill it up with soil and rocks, plant a selection of succulents, then display the wheelbarrow in a sunny spot.
Fire Pit
Remove anything on your old metal wheelbarrow that can catch fire or melt, fill it with wood, and light your fire. You can easily dump out ash and burnt wood afterward.
Use your old wheelbarrow as a display planter by spray painting it, filling it with soil, drilling drainage holes in the bottom, and adding your favorite flowering plants.
Scrub and paint your old wheelbarrow; put it on your patio, in a greenhouse, or next to a potting table; and use it to store gardening tools, outdoor toys, or beach towels.