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Creative Ways To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Kitchen
Bold Lighting
Some lights have colorful lamp shades or glass to provide some color, while others are sculptural and can be hung over the island to be more of a focal point in the kitchen. You could also add a single, larger light over a breakfast nook or in-kitchen dining table for a more subtle pop.
Seating is also a great way to add color to any kitchen in a budget-friendly way. Whatever kind of kitchen seating you have can be converted into a more colorful version, and if you like to change things up, this is an easy way to swap in a new color when you feel the inspiration.
Knobs and Pulls
The cabinet doors aren't the only spots that can take on a bit of color, as you can further customize your kitchen cabinets by focusing on the knobs and pulls. Colorful knobs pop against white cabinets and can create a fun, unique look, or you can find more traditional knobs in bright colors.
Open Shelving
Open shelving is another great way to introduce color, as you can choose colorful cookware, plates, mugs, and cups for a simple pop of color. This is a great option for people who prefer their small kitchens to be functional as well as beautiful.