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Creative Ways To Display
All Of Your Adorable Mugs
Glass Door Cabinet
Those who want their mugs contained could display them behind glass doors in cabinets, which would also help keep them free from dust. This is also a great way to ensure that your collection stays safe.
Separated Cubbies
If you have an eclectic assortment, a shelving unit with separate cubbies for each mug may work best. To really make them stand out, paint the wall behind the shelf a bold color.
Hooks on Shelf
If you're limited on cabinet or shelving space, hang them from hooks added to the bottom of a floating shelf. This will prevent your space from becoming cluttered, while providing easy access.
Another Hook Option
Here's another example of how hooks could be used to store mugs. While the above example displays them sideways, this option shows the inside of each mug, which gives colorful or patterned pieces a more uniform look.
Stacked Matching Mugs
This option may work best for those who own a matching set. Stacking and placing them on shelving or inside of a cabinet is an aesthetically pleasing way to organize your mugs.