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Creative Ways to Repurpose Shoe Boxes and Organize Your Space
Drawer Dividers
Most drawers have one large space for storing items, which makes it difficult to find objects at a glance. To solve this, create dividers with an old shoe box.
Place as many empty shoe boxes as you can fit vertically or horizontally. Cover them with patterned contact paper or a stylish fabric to give them a decorative touch.
Earring Organizer
You can turn shoe box lids into an earring organizer to prevent them from getting tangled, damaged, or separated in a drawer. For this, get four shoe box lids.
Glue three lids standing vertically to display the earrings inside a fourth one to support them. Paint the lids, then poke holes in them where the earrings will go.
Seed Storage
To create seed storage, measure a shoe box's center and cut a strip from another shoe box to fit as the center divider. Cut one-inch slits down the divider.
Glue the divider in place and cut out more horizontal dividers. Cut slits in each horizontal divider's bottom and use it to interlock with the slit in the center divider.
Art Supply Caddy
Take a shoe box and decorate it with contact paper or draw a design on it. Fill the box with empty toilet paper rolls, gluing them in place if you want.
Place your colored pencils, paintbrushes, pipe cleaners, and other art supplies inside the toilet paper tubes for easy access the next time you're ready to work.
Toy Storage
Grab a shoe box for each toy collection, then decorate it with contact paper, wrapping paper, paint, or fabric. Cut a leather strap into strips to form handles.
Attach the handles to the front of the boxes using metal paper fasteners and add a label above it. Glue the label in place, and your box is ready to be filled with toys.