Two white towels hanging on a towel bar.
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Creative Ways To Repurpose Towel Bars Around Your Home
Pot Rack
Hang a towel bar from the wall, cupboard, or ceiling, then use S-hooks to hang pot and pan handles. Be mindful of the bar’s weight capacity while hanging heavy pots.
Drape a decorative tapestry over a towel bar, with a stylish finish such as brass, without obscuring any pattern, or simply tie the tapestry’s corners to the bar.
Dry Delicates
Install a towel rack on the wall above your washer to hang the delicates, or hang storage baskets with hooks from the bar to hold laundry supplies like dryer sheets.
Hanging Storage
Attach a towel bar at the bottom of a shelf to hang items like plants, electronics, chargers, and so on. You can use S-hooks and metal clips to display artwork as well.
Coffee Bar
Hang a towel bar in your kitchen to display your coffee mugs and accessories. Using S-hooks, attach mugs by the handle and suspend measuring spoons or wire baskets.