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Creative Ways To Upcycle Old Door Knobs
Curtain Tie Backs
You can use decorative door knobs as stylish curtain tie-backs. You will need door knobs with a nice front face and a trim plate for each curtain.
Attach the knobs to the trim plate with a strong adhesive that dries clear, such as super glue, then use screws to attach the doorknob to the wall beside the curtains.
Bottle Brush Christmas Trees
Give your Christmas decorations a vintage spin with old door knobs. The door knob will be the base, so be sure to choose one with a flat front face.
Use Christmas decorations with a small enough base to fit into the hole in the back of the door knob. Also, ensure they aren’t too tall so that the final product can stay balanced.
Photo Holder
Make your own photo holder using an old door knob, wire, pliers, and wire cutters. Cut a 12-inch piece of wire and wrap it around the knob’s base to create a coil.
Remove the wire from the doorknob base, turn it over, and insert the wire’s uncoiled side in the knob’s hole with glue. The circular coil of wire should hold your photo at the top.
Coat Rack
Make a unique coat rack with old door knobs by first cutting a piece of plywood to your desired base size. Then, stain or paint the wood and mark a spot for the knobs.
Drill through the board and create a center hole around each entry with a Forstner drill bit. Insert the knobs with threaded rods into the board’s holes and secure them with nuts.
Mini Flower Vase
Turn old door knobs into small flower vases first by removing the knob’s spindle (if it’s still attached) and cleaning it. Then, collect your flowers.
Due to the size, you’ll only be able to fit a bloom or two per knob. Drop a little water into the knob’s hole and place the stalk of your flowers and plants inside.