A stand filled with chopsticks.
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Creative Ways To Use Chopsticks Around Your Home And Garden
Plant Markers
Add cute plant markers to your garden by writing the foliage’s name directly onto the chopstick or attaching a laminated and labeled piece of paper to the wood.
Garden Stakes
Use chopsticks as stakes to support seedlings, help thin stems carry heavy fruit, give vines something to crawl up, or keep propagated leaves in place until they root.
Aerate Soil
Rake and poke holes in the soil with chopsticks to reduce the dirt’s compaction and increase drainage so your plants can absorb nutrients better and develop deeper roots.
Paint Stirrer
Use a chopstick to mix paint and give it a consistent finish. Once done, you can leave it attached to the can as a marker to remember the paint color.
Shoe Cleaner
Instead of getting your hands dirty, use a chopstick to wedge out all the debris trapped between the rubber threads of your shoe’s sole for a thorough cleaning.