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Creative Ways To Use Lighting In A Hallway Without Windows
For hallways with low ceilings, sconces are perfect as they provide ambient and accent lighting while highlighting architectural pieces. Place them at eye level, and combine them with more overhead lighting, such as recessed or track lighting, or install a dimmer for mood lighting.
Functionality should be the primary focus when lighting your hallway, so with high ceilings, use hanging pendants to pull the eye upwards. Add one central piece with accent lighting or use multiple, and you can use plug-in models and hang them with hooks.
Picture Lights
Light both your art and hallway for a gallery feeling in your home, and if you have a long, straight hallway, use low lighting to showcase your art. The size of your lamp should be the width of the picture, focused at the center at a 30-degree angle, and use LEDs as they don’t emit harmful UV rays.
Faux Skylights
In a larger space, faux skylights offer the sensation of natural light using color-changing LED panels. In addition to being energy efficient, LED panels in your home normally have dimming capability and their flush-mount installation makes them ideal for low ceilings.
For a soft and atmospheric glow, neon incorporates 360-degree lighting that acts as a focal point for your space. This lighting can be created with a variety of colors and backgrounds, and you can choose the perfect saying, font style, or customize your own.