A young woman using a pruner to harvest lavender flowers
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Crucial Lavender Pruning Mistakes You Never Want To Make
Wrong Timing
Avoid pruning lavender during late fall, winter, or before the last frost of the season as it can weaken the plant and negatively impact its
overall health.
The ideal time to prune lavender is late summer or spring, just when green growth returns after winter but before new buds appear.
Wrong Technique
Improper tools or methods, like using dull blades, can lead to poor pruning results such as uneven cuts, torn stems, increased stress, and a higher risk of disease.
It's also crucial to maintain cleanliness by sterilizing tools before and after each cut to prevent disease spread and to make cuts just above healthy leaves to foster
new growth.
Imbalanced Pruning
Both over-pruning and under-pruning can negatively impact the health and appearance of lavender plants, making regular and moderate
pruning essential.
To encourage fresh growth and flower production, aim to remove about 1/3 of the plant's growth, shaping it into a compact, bushy form, all while maintaining its
natural structure.