A rake resting on Fall leaves and grass.
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Crucial Lawn Care Tasks You Need To Do In October
In October, essential lawn work must be done to help your lawn and garden survive the winter and allow for a smooth transition into spring, saving you money in the long run.
Clean Up
Begin by removing all debris, including dead leaves, weeds, and scattered twigs and sticks. If you find pests and diseases present, treat those problems immediately.
Remove any thatch in your yard that’s over ½ inch thick by mowing lower than usual and scalping the yard or using tools like a dethatching rake to remove dead built-up matter.
Prep The Soil
Use a cheap test kit to check your soil's pH level; 6 to 7 is perfect. If your soil is too acidic, add lime; if it’s alkaline, add peat moss or elemental sulfur.
You will also need to aerate the soil, create breathing holes with a garden fork, spike aerator, or core aerator, and fertilize about six weeks before the first frost arrives.
Cut and Overseed
Cut your grass to 2 inches six to seven weeks before the first expected frost. You should also rake and overseed the ground.
Prep Perennials
Prune away all dead flowers and dying foliage, and remove any decaying matter from the plant's base, then add a nice layer of mulch.
If you stop routine care, you’ll undo all of your hard work. Continue mowing your lawn until it stops growing, and water once a week until the first frost.
You can also protect your lawn by not walking on it when it’s frozen, and consider laying peat moss across fresh seeding for added insulation and protection.