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Curb Appeal Tips We Learned From Fixer Upper
Your Home's Character
If you have an older home, it's better to nurture its unique features and restore them rather than replace them with modern elements. Even if your home isn't an older build, it's still possible to add vintage characteristics like shingle siding or roof tiles while updating your curb appeal.
Bold Paint Colors
Whether you choose a classic color or something a little bolder, a fresh coat of paint instantly adds some more curb appeal to a property. There’s no wrong color for a home’s exterior, but it’s a good idea to consider how your color choice will complement neighboring houses.
Columns are commonly used on front porches and can add a sophisticated style to a home. There are three main types of columns to choose from including simple Doric columns, slender Ionic columns, and fancy Corinthian columns that are mainly used in large government buildings.
Potted Plants
Plants can give your home a welcoming atmosphere, and you can add even more personality with brightly colored pots. It’s important to consider which plants are right for you, so before buying, make sure to think about how you will space them out on your porch and take care of them.
A Nice Wreath
While many may consider a wreath as a holiday decoration, it can be displayed all year long, but you’ll want to keep it under 15 pounds. This will add a homey feel to your porch, and to avoid damage to your front door, use a self-adhesive hook, a wreath hanger over the door, or even a ribbon.