A mantel customized with decorative items
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Customize Your Mantel With This Clever Pool Noodle Hack
Swags and garlands are a popular standard for mantels, but they can sometimes be unruly to install with hooks and wires. Luckily, TikToker @deedeescraftykorner has the solution.
This DIY hack uses everyday pool noodles as a foam berth for hanging florals and greenery and makes a great solution to droopy and slippery garlands.
To make it, you'll need an interlocking pool noodle cut down to the width of your mantel. The interlocking ridges will help the noodle stick to your fireplace's edge.
The foam of the pool noodle wrapped around the front edge of your mantel will create a blank canvas for attaching all sorts of decorative and floral pieces to your fireplace.
For fall, you can decorate the noodle with pumpkins and autumn flowers. You can also use a staple gun to adhere other kinds of greenery to the foam that's perfect for all seasons.