shoes, hats, and jackets in untidy mudroom
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Customize Your Mudroom Storage With This Clever IKEA Kallax Hack
TikToker @just_gathered shared how to use the IKEA Kallax to add built-in storage to your mudroom. Simply fit it into your space to provide room for shoes, coats, bags, or more.
All you'll need is an IKEA Kallax (or more than one if you need extra storage), some IKEA trim, brackets, a saw, screws, an electric screwdriver, and some adhesive for your trim.
The Kallax is available in white, black, and two shades of oak. It comes with screws and metal brackets, and there's a range of trim to pick from.
Assemble your Kallax and hang it horizontally, vertically, or between cupboards, depending on your space. You can also have it freestanding on the floor.
If you attach it to your wall, use the screws and brackets provided. Use a stud finder to secure it to the wall studs, and place the plastic pieces over the top when you're done.
Next, saw the trim to fit the sides of your Kallax and glue it in place. If you choose, you can also add doors to hide any clutter, which are available from the IKEA website.