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Cut Your Ironing Time In Half With This Pantry Staple Hack
If you want to spend less time ironing, you can use a convenient hack that only requires you to integrate an item that’s likely inside of your pantry — a roll of aluminum foil.
Ordinarily, setting up your ironing station includes pre-heating your appliance, laying out all of your clean clothes that need to be ironed, and setting up the ironing board.
By adding in a step of lining the area underneath your board’s protective cover with foil, its heated surface will mirror the heat of the iron and reduce wrinkles while you press.
The reflective, shiny side of the aluminum foil should sit just below the protective cover on your ironing board since it will retain and emit heat onto your garments.
The foil will hold onto the iron's temperature as an insulator and act as a conductor due to the ironing board cover, which will keep thermal energy up while you iron your fabrics.
As the hot metal passes over your items, the foil will act as a reflector and send the heat back through the cover and into your fabric, so both sides get smoothed concurrently.
The need to flip items over as you iron will become unnecessary thanks to this hack. Just pull the aluminum taut when you cover the board to avoid wrinkles from uneven foil.