Close-up of Dakota Johnson on step and repeat
Home - Garden
Dakota Johnson's Beautiful Hollywood Home Will
Blow You Away
Tree House Vibe
With three large front doors, a back wall made of floor-to-ceiling glass, and various trees surrounding it, Dakota Johnson’s home has a bright “tree house” vibe.
Room For Living
Johnson’s cozy sofa, vintage piano, potted plants, and framed artwork present a perfect blend of her interests in a space truly designed for optimal socializing.
Record Collection
Her living room also features a rotating record collection complete with a record player. Building such a collection is a fun way to breathe life into your space.
Personalized Bookcase
The bookshelf in Johnson’s office was built by the actress herself to hold an eclectic mix of signed books, wax mushrooms, photographs, and of course, books.
Unique Art
Also in her home office is a mix of artwork, including a portrait of her father’s friend, a photo of a South African marching band, and a picture of her grandmother.