NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 03:  Designer/ TV personality David Bromstad attends AOL Build Speaker Series at AOL Studios In New York on February 3, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage)
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David Bromstad Explains Why These Home Upgrades Are A Waste Of Money
In the show “My Lottery Dream Home,” David Bromstad identifies a few home remodeling upgrades that many people invest in that he believes are a waste of money.
A brick fireplace tucked in a living room corner is a nice feature for some, but others may want to remove it. However, Bromstad loves keeping feature fireplaces in a living room.
When describing the unique curved design of the fireplace in a living room, Bromstad said, “I think it's super interesting. It's super weird, which I love.”
Bathroom remodels are expensive steps to modernize your home, but Bromstad recommends not ditching the bathtub. He said, “I'd usually recommend keeping the tub for
resale value.”
Kurtis Kitchen & Bath shares that some bathrooms don't maintain the same aesthetics if they lack a tub, and removing one often means less opportunity for relaxation in
the space.
Bathrooms with a tub are also far more child-friendly for parents who are looking to buy a home, which is why keeping the tub for resale value has to be given strong consideration.