Mugs in kitchen cabinet
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Declutter And Organize Your Mugs With These In-Cabinet Ideas
Stack Strategically
Maximize space by stacking mugs according to size: Place large mugs upside down with smaller ones on top, or stack them on large accessories like teapots.
Use Saucers
Stack mugs with matching saucers to use vertical space efficiently. It’s nice to have saucers for guests, so if your mugs didn't include them, buy them individually.
Get Mug Stackers
Use adjustable mug stackers like the Elypro Coffee Mug Organizers for tight spaces. They fit various sizes with a gentle squeeze, even those with irregular lips.
Adjust Shelves
If you have adjustable shelves, fit them to the height of your cups to eliminate empty vertical space. You can also add more shelves to fit more dinnerware inside.
Install Hooks
Use hooks underneath the shelves to hang mugs by their handles. Just make sure to use a hook that has a tight curve so the mug doesn't easily slip off.