Person organizing socks in drawer
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Declutter Drawers & Keep Them Organized With A Trip To The Dollar Tree
Messy drawers are the bane of any well-organized home. Thankfully, Dollar Tree has several budget-friendly options that fit a variety of spaces to help you store your items.
Dollar Tree’s selection of small plastic organizers can’t be beat, with the Essentials clear plastic line creating visible access to everything from cosmetics to cooking utensils.
The Essentials woven baskets are perfect for narrow desk drawers, while the line’s craft and covered compartment organizers help corral small items like earrings or brooches.
For larger drawers, Dollar Tree’s square organizer compartment boxes are perfect for socks or ties, and their woven round baskets can be nestled inside drawers to hold underwear.
Use the slotted plastic baskets or gold wire trays to organize larger items like headbands or curling irons, or buy foam board and contact paper to DIY your own drawer inserts.