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Declutter Your Home With Tips From Renovation Island's Sarah Baeumler
If you’ve ever watched Sarah Baeumler and her husband on “Renovation Island,” then you know she’s a huge fan of bold patterns, serene color palettes, timeless neutrals, and sustainable decor. Sarah is a pro at organization, so she shared a few tips on how to transform a complete disaster into an organized haven.
Sarah’s biggest tip is to use decorated storage shelves, and she said she likes to put her children’s toys in fashionable boxes with removable lids. You can also use floating shelves, and she recommends machine-washable furniture, because “if you buy things that are easily washable, they'll stay looking fresh and radiant for years to come.”
To create an organized room, Sarah suggests having multipurpose furniture, like an ottoman that serves as a storage unit but also a sitting space. She recommends converting any empty space into a storage space, and Sarah loves built-in media units as they offer extra storage space without taking up space in the room.