Black and white checkerboard floors in a purple room
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Decorating Tips That'll Make Checkerboard Tile Floors Stand Out
Checkerboard floors have regained popularity, infusing a bit of charm into home interiors. Many DIYers are getting creative in making them the standout feature of their homes.
The heavy veining of luxurious black and white marble tiles creates a texture that adds visual interest to a room. It’s a versatile base and can lean both traditional and modern.
Instead of black and white, try colored tiles for a checkerboard look with a little more pop, and add a vintage touch paired with sleek stainless steel counters and appliances.
For more depth and texture, choose a tile with a wood-like appearance. It also adds warmth and coziness — even more so when the tiles are laid in a diamond pattern.
Opt for oversized squares to make a statement. It’s ideal for large, open spaces to match the grand scale of the rooms, and the heavy veining adds to the grandiose look.
Use white circles and squares set into black tiles for a unique play on the classic checkerboard design. It’s a bold design, so limit it to a small section and not the entire room.
Try paint to create a checkerboard look, or apply it to floors already tiled in a checkerboard pattern, using painter's tape. You can even add details like stenciled designs.
Checkerboard floors can be used outside, too, to dress up a patio and extend the interior. Place complementary patio furniture and pops of greenery to create
a statement.